Service Terms and Conditions 
Thank you for visiting our website, Please read “Privacy Policy, Service Terms and Conditions” thoroughly because it will be considered that you already agree to comply with all terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy when you log in or use our website. Friendship Supermarket Company Limited (company, Friendship, supermarket, we, our) would like to reserve the right to change, update, or cancel some or whole terms and conditions at any time. These terms and conditions shall be effective when they are uploaded on our website and customers must show evidence that they reach legal age or receive consents from the parents before using our services.
Correctness of Information, Terms and Conditions of Services 
Contents on this website are made for providing general information only and there may be some incorrectness, for example, product details, pricing, promotions, delivery fee, and product status, etc. We reserve the right to change and amend information on this website at any time without providing any prior notice and we have no obligation to update information on our website. In addition, it shall be deemed as responsibility of customers to notice changes that may be occurred on our website.
Information on Products, Quantity, and Price 
1. Photos of products shown on your computer or communicative device may have different details from actual products based on displayed value.
2. Some manufacturers may adjust their product forms but customers will surely accept the same products.
3. Pricing or promotions may be changed or cancelled at any time without providing any prior notice under the discretion of the company only whereas the company shall have on responsibility towards customers due to such price adjustment or service cancellation. In the event that any product price is adjusted to be higher than the price as ordered by any customer or in the event of any cancellation of any product or promotion, the company will inform such customer in order to make decision to confirm or cancel such order without any expense. In addition, the company reserves the right not to pay for any compensation that may be caused by such confirmation or cancellation. In the event that customer confirms such order, the company is able to claim for surcharge caused by product price adjustment. In the event that customer wants to cancel such order, the company will return money of such order under the company’s Refund Policy. In the event that the company is unable to contact with customer, such order will be considered as cancelled order due to incorrect pricing or cancellation of product or promotion.
4. In some cases or in the event of the shortage of product, the Company may limit the rights to purchase some types of products per order number, for example, sugar, oil, drinking water, etc. The company reserves the right to change quantity of order or change delivery method or cancel order as proper in order to ensure that such product will be sufficient for distributing to customers thoroughly. Details will be informed case by case.
Delivery Areas, Service Fees, and Delivery 
The company will deliver orders with complete payment only and the company also reserves the right to limit product’s weight with packaging of each delivery not to be over than 20.00 kg./delivery (Delivery fee is subject to be changed without providing any prior notice). However, in the event of any order with large quantity of products, please directly contact us for more information on products and services via: 038 723 513-5 / 063-189-9882 , email: , click Contact Us.
After making payment for products and services, the company will deliver products on the next day and the duration of delivery is based on each area. Approximately, the duration of delivery in Bangkok and suburban is around 2-3 working days and the duration of delivery in other provinces is around 3-7 working days (excluded weekends and public holidays). The duration of delivery is also based on delivery service chosen by customers. For distant areas, the duration of delivery may be longer than specified duration and the company reserves the right not to be responsible for all damages caused by delayed delivery.
For areas in Banglamung District, Chonburi, if you require accepting products on the date of ordering, you are required to order products and pay for those products and service fees before 12:00 noon of such day. Products may be delivered by the company or other delivery companies as proper.
     For product (included with packaging) with total weight of 0.01kg – 10.00kg, delivery fee is 80 baht per delivery.
For product (included with packaging) with total weight of 10.01kg – 20.00kg, delivery fee is 120 baht per delivery.
1. Our employees will call you to inform on product delivery in advance. Please ensure that details, delivery address, and telephone number are correct and clear. However, in the event that you are inconvenient to accept products at such time, you are able to postpone delivery date and time by calling: 038 723 513-5 / 063-189-9882, email : , click Contact Us
2. When reaching the delivery place and the recipient is unable to be contacted, the company will deliver products of the next customer in order to prevent any effect against other customers.
3. In the event that any customer is inconvenient to wait for accepting products at the delivery place, the company is able to drop such products at the place informed by customer to our delivery staffs. In this case, products will be considered to be under responsibility of customer and the company will not be responsible for any possible damage.
4. In the event that the company chooses other delivery services, the company will inform customers in advance.
Customers are able to choose any payment method from the following 3 payments methods:
1. Via bank transfer or Mobile Banking.
2. Via Kasikorn Payment Gateway.
3. Via QR code
Order will be considered as complete order after submitting evidence of payment. We reserve the right to charge for surcharge from customers in the event that payment is not sufficient for actual price and the excessive amount will be returned based on Refund Policy.
In the event that any customer requires tax invoice, please inform our staffs in every order and specify Tax ID Number + details on name and address for issuing.
Remarks: The company is unable to issue any tax invoice retrospectively.
Incorrect or Incomplete Products
For benefits of customers, please check correctness of accepted products whether they meet with order and receipt or not. In the event of any mistake, please inform the company immediately within the date of acceptance. We would like to highly apologize for such mistake and will solve such problem urgently in order to enable customer to accept the best products and services. You are able to inform your requirements to ask the company to delivery substitute products or refund money.
Unaccepted Products
The company highly apologizes if products are not accepted by customers as ordered:
1. In the event of any fault of the company, we will remedy by delivering products to you again.
2. In the event that customer provides unclear details on address and telephone number hindering delivery staffs from contacting customer, such products will be returned to the supermarket and the company will not be responsible for any occurred damage. In the event of new delivery, customer must be responsible for delivery fee of new delivery.
Claiming for Damaged or Defected Products 
The company highly hopes to make customers satisfied on our services and products. However, in the event of any fault making customers to accept any damaged products, the company reserves the right to be responsible for damages directly caused by the company only. Those products must be contained in the same packages without any usage. The company is glad to change those products but:
1. Before opening products, please a video clip of products as evidence of claiming.
2. You are required to have evidence of payment and order number.
3. To return or change products, you must inform the company after accepting products immediately and it must not be later than 7 days from the date of acceptance. After such duration, all products are unable to be returned or changed.
4. Some types of product are unable to be changed or returned, for example, promotional products, discounted products, fresh products, frozen products. Please always read details on delivery conditions. The company shall not be responsible for any damage during delivery in all cases.
1. If you wish to cancel any order, please contact us via: 038 723 513-5 / 063-189-9882, email: or click Contact Us. We will correct your order without any expense unless the products are already delivered which customers are unable to cancel such orders. Therefore, you are always required to check correctness before ordering.
2. Your order may be cancelled due to unavailability of our inventories and the company will inform you urgently. In the event that that you already pay for such products, the company will refund money in the full amount whereas the company shall have no responsibility on such cancellation.
3. If you fail to pay for your order later than 3 days after confirmation, the company reserves the right to cancel your order immediately without having any responsibility on any occurred damage.
4. In the event of any force majeure hindering the company from delivering products, both company and customer are able to make an agreement to cancel such order in writing in the form of mail or email or other methods that are mutually accepted. The company reserves the right not to be responsible for any fault or delay caused by any situation that is beyond our control, for example, protest, dissolution, insurgency, riot, terrorism, epidemics or natural disasters, delivery accidents, etc, except for refund to customers who already pay for products.
After accepting the request on product return and inspection is already completed, our staffs will contact you to refund money to tour credit card or other payment channels. The duration of refund is 1 working day for payment via Mobile Banking and 7-14 working days for credit card (excluded holidays and public holidays).
Please recheck your bank account. If you are not refunded, please contact the company of your credit card or your bank that may require the operational duration for such refund. If you are not refunded, please contact our staffs via: 038 723 513-5 / 063-189-9882 , email: , click Contact Us.
Promotional coupons are unable to be exchanged as cash or used with other promotions and they are able to be used until products are unavailable. The company reserves the right to limit 1 coupon per receipt and reserves the right to suspend or cancel any issued coupon as proper without any responsibility on any loss caused by such suspension or cancellation.
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