Privacy Policy
Friendship Supermarket Company Limited established this Privacy Policy to protect personal information of customers who contact with our company via our website and other online channels provided by the company in order to ensure privacy and security of information as well as to prevent loss, changes, or usage of information without permission. However the company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time by providing the notice via our website for acknowledgement. Therefore, all customers are requested to check on the latest amendment of this Privacy Policy. Such amendment shall be immediately effective after uploading on our website.
Personal Information Retention
When ordering products, if any customer creates any account with us, the company will store personal information of such customer, for example, name-surname, delivery address/place, email, telephone number, etc. Customers are able to change this information at any time by logging in the system with their usernames via our website. However, customers must agree to comply with all requirements by confirming that provided information is true, complete, and correct whereas the company has no direct or indirect duty and responsibility if any customer provides any false, out-of-date, or incomplete information.
We will consider that customers already provide us consent to collect and store their personal information and information on buying behaviors. In addition, we are also able to use such information for benefits of the company’s business operation and more useful products, services, or news and information of customers.
We will keep your information under the duration of such retention’s purpose. However, in the event of any necessity as defined by laws and regulations, the duration of information storage may be extended.
Use of Personal Information
The company will keep your personal information as secret and there will be only our staffs and related units to be allowed to access your information. Information will be accessed to communicate on privileges, promotions, news, discounts, products and services delivery.
To use our website, you must not disclose your username and password to any outsider or allow other persons to use your username or password. You must be responsible for all communication and online activities occurred via your username. We would like to suggest you to always logout before leaving our website. However, the company reserves the right not to be responsible for any loss caused by the use of your username. In the event that you have any suspicion that your password is used illegally or without your permission, please contact us directly for inspecting, changing password, suspending, and/or cancelling such username.
However, in the event that the company is required to disclose your personal information, we will contact you to ask for your consent except for disclosure of any information under any order of any competent government agency or in the event that you are found to infringe any agreement on our services.
We have appropriate alarm and monitoring system for protecting your information from losing, destroying, accessing, amending, changing, or illegal disclosure. However, the company is unable to certify that there will be no error occurred while using our website. The company will solve problems as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage against computer system or your information.
Default Against These Terms and Conditions
The company reserves the right to suspend some or whole services in the event that the company finds that your provided information is false or misunderstood or provided for any illegal purpose. To make the use of our website to meet with related laws, you are prohibited from using our website in the following manners:
1. Use this website illegally or with any content that is contrary to laws.
2. Post any improper, indecent or immoral information.
3. Defame, discredit, infringe other persons’ individual rights or be contrary to Principle on Human Rights.
4. Infringe any intellectual property and trademark of the company and other persons.
5. Copy and publish any information of this website without receiving any permission from the company.
6. Spread computer viruses or other programs for destroying or giving bad effects to the operation of our website.
In the event that the company finds that you have any action affecting to our website, the company may perform any appropriate action or legal action to manage such incorrectness and the company is also entitled to claim for compensation due to the use of our website without any permission of user that directly damages against the company or outsiders.
Contact Us
Customers are able to send suggestions, feedbacks, complaints, and revocation of any consent to collect information, disclose information, or suspension on the use of your personal information at any time via email or contact our staffs via:
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