Friendship Supermarket Pattaya started our business operation in 1978 with two commercial buildings. During past 20 years, Pattaya City has been grown rapidly and continuously until it becomes one of the leading tourist attractions of Thailand. With this reason, new Friendship Supermarket was established in 1996 located on South Pattaya Road with the approximate area of 3 rai. This new branch provided services on both floors of the building that was designed with Chinese style roof for unique appearance and recognition.sdfsdfdsfsfsdfsffsdf

 In 2015, our executives considered on tendency of the growth of bakery business, a new building was constructed with simple and modern design under the name of “Friendship Supply” for distributing complete products on bakery materials, equipment, and tools.


Friendship Supermarket has strived to become superior than general super markets therefore we have provided various groups of products including consumer goods, stationeries, kitchenware, home decorative products, auspicious objects, jewelry, decorative flowers, etc., as well as numerous kinds of imported products to respond to demands of customers in all dimensions.

Friendship Supermarket

wishes to provide quality products and strives to provide better services as shown in our concept:

“We will provide the best things to you and your family.”

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